About Us

The Business Car Transportation Services, Inc. has been providing quality limousine and executive sedan services in the Baltimore / Washington area since 1998. We provide luxury sedan, SUV, and stretch limousine transporation. As our name "The Business Car" implies, our primary client is the corporate community.

When choosing a transportation service the first and most important item to consider is safety. Some questions to consider are:

  • Will the vehicle be in good operating order?
  • Will I be safe with the driver?
    • Driving record
    • Background Check
    • Knowledge of area and directions
  • Is this a legitimate company and what is their history?
  • Am I working directly with the company or a reservation service that may know very little about the company?
These are basic and often overlooked questions when securing ground transportation. Many people assume the company is regulated by the government and is in order. The government does mandate certain criteria of businesses designed to keep the public safe. Typically, the regulating authority does a good job of keeping legitimate entities legitimate. However, they do very little to regulate or exile entities that operate outside of the realm of the regulators.

Ultimately, the first tier of safety you should provide yourself is to ensure the service you choose is operating properly.

Each state has its own regulating authority. In Maryland we operate under the authority of the Maryland Public Service Commission.

The Business Car is a properly licensed and insured entity.

Our MD PSC number is 3482.

Our USDOT Number is 1270006.

The Business Car is a company that is built on long term relationships. Ninety (90%) percent of our customers have been with us for five (5) years or more. We strive to provide high quality service and base our longevity on recurring clients. The average length of employment among our drivers is eight (8) years. The fact that our drivers have been with us for a long period denotes a seasoned work force and another reason people rely on us for their ground transportation needs. Finally, instead of leasing a vehicle for a short period and returning it, we own our vehicles. We vigorously maintain our vehicles which increases their life. In addition to adding life to our vehicles, the maintenance we perform familiarizes us with our vehicles and greatly reduces the possibilty of mechanical failure while en route.

We are looking to establish a long term relationship with you.